dr. oc2pus

"Still in shock that end of an Era is really here. @thecrosby was my home in OC that felt like LA. A place where we could express ourselves with no restrictions. I know @marcofthebeast @freetherobots & @philnisco have bigger things in store for them. They ran a place with a real soul, not centered around money but centered around love. I look forward to what the future brings, I know it will be bright."

I took one of my favorite performances at The Crosby, THE GRINCH PART 2 and turned it into a dedication mix to my favorite place to perform. This 2 hour set is full of all the wonderful vibes and memories the Shiver family brought to Downtown Santa Ana. If you were lucky enough to be there for #bodyaches, or any of our parties you know that we poured our heart and soul into the music.

I also want to give a shout out to Knocksteady and DJ ZO. I recently took over ZO's residency temporarily for 2 weeks and was able to practice parts of this set live. The vibe there was equally inspiring and sparked a lot of great ideas on the fly which I of course inserted into this mix. Thank you to Roy Choi, Jessica, Daisy and the entire staff of Pot and the Pot Lobby Bar. I could not have asked for more welcoming party, and I hope to return soon!

Artwork by
I told her I was working on a dedication mix for the Crosby and she immediately jumped at the chance to help me out with art direction for this set. She is also the mama of the dr. oc2pus logo, visit her site and show her some love!

Inspiration for the name and the dream provided by Thank you for all the love, sweat and Shiver!