dr. oc2pus

When I perform with Ableton I never use "Mixed In Key." Since you can transpose, beatmap and quantize, I still enjoy the work of cutting up and matching songs by ear. This allows me to tell a story, set a mood in my own style… it allows me to make mistakes that I'd make if I was djing on the fly and it allows me to cheat a lot of rules you have to follow when performing on the big stage.
Michelle and I assembled a track list of about 1000 songs for this mix. While putting together a story, I listened for harmony, rhythm, BPM and lyrics. We are careful to make sure this feels like her show, her eclectic taste, with me congregating the chaos, hence the VS. We can't thank Knocksteady enough for the love and support, and 12FV for hooking us up with some fly artwork! Enjoy this journey through our favorite deserts and don't be afraid to dance when the right amount of heat finds you.


dr. oc2pus & mimusa